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The Sourdough Experiment

It all started because a friend posted on Facebook about the sourdough starter she was working on. A couple weeks later, there was a post about sourdough pancakes. About the same time, the Kiddo asked if we could get some sourdough bread to go with our planned dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. Somewhere in the course of that weekend, he proceeded to ask me if I knew how to make bread (yes, I did), following that up with, “I think bread is pretty easy to make, right?” I answered that it’s not overly difficult, once you learn how to do it, but it takes some time, then explained the process of mixing and kneading the dough, letting it rise, etc.

Next question: “Oh, could you make sourdough then?” So I began to explain that making sourdough bread is like a whole level above baking regular bread, and tried to explain that I would need a starter, and starters take time to develop. By that point, he was distracted by something else–either planning his next Minecraft adventure or plotting how he would configure the terrarium for the bearded dragon he had pledge to get him (this was before Rocky arrived Easter weekend).

He might have moved on to a new topic, but the seed was firmly planted in my head. In my earlier Friday Favorites post on starting my sourdough starter, I mentioned that I had tried my hand at a starter many years ago (I was fresh out of college and had just learned to bake bread to impress a new beau). That attempt failed miserably. I don’t like failing at things, so with the idea of attempting sourdough once again floating around in my head, I took it as a challenge.

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