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Two-Minute Magic Bean Dip

In honor of the football playoff season, I thought I’d post this quick and easy but delightfully addictive recipe. Warning: this dip is crazy hard to put down, so you if sit down to watch a game, you might realize you’ve cleaned the bowl out by halftime.

Sometimes you just have a craving for something crunchy, something salty….just something. It was one of those cravings that led me to come up with this easy concoction. I had some tortilla chips on hand and some salsa, but I need something more than that. Maybe something cheesy and creamy? So I scoured the pantry to see what I could throw together to kick the craving, and this turned out to be exactly what I was wanting. Bonus–with my beloved Magic Bullet, it took no time to whip up, so I was happily munching just a few minutes later. If you don’t have a Magic Bullet, a regular blender will work fine. If you do have a Magic Bullet and you have block cheese (I never buy pre-shredded cheese), there’s no need to get out the shredder–just use the Bullet.

Two-Minute Magic Bean Dip

1 can black beans, drained

1 cup salsa

1 pkg taco seasoning

1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded

Tortilla chips for dipping

Combine all ingredients and blend. Serve cold, or, if you like the cheese all melty and gooey, pop the dip in the microwave for about a minute.