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Friday Favorites: Easter Eggs-travaganza

“Friday Favorites” features my favorite great ideas/recipes/etc., from across the giant world wide webs.

Two years ago, I spent my first Easter with the Guy and Kiddo, and we colored Easter eggs. It was the first time I’d dyed eggs since I was a kid, and there were a lot of things I’d forgotten about the process. Like how long it takes for the eggs to turn color. And how much mess it makes–probably because I wasn’t the one cleaning it up back then. There was a bit of trial and error process to get the bright colors we were looking for, and I never remembered it being so complicated when I was 10.

If you’re embarking on the Easter egg-coloring venture for the first time in many years, here’s a good primer to get you started.

If you’re well versed in the egg dying business, but would like to get a little more creative this year, I’ve found some really great ideas for taking your eggs to the next level. You could try this marbling technique using nail polish, create patterns using rubberbands¬†or decoupage your eggs.

Looking for a cheap alternative to commercial egg dyes, you can always use Kool-Aid. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you could forgo the store-bought dyes altogether and make your own plant-based dyes, using onions, beets, coffee, cabbage or a number of other options.