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Re-Purposed Bulletin Board

Re-purposed Bulletin Board

Re-purposed Bulletin BoardThis bulletin board was kind of beat up and I didn’t have a good use for it, so we gave it a new look with a bit of acrylic paint, and re-purposed it as a “memory board,” where the Kiddo can pin favorite photos, ticket stubs from baseball games, etc. 

It was a pretty easy project, even for those of us who aren’t overly talented in the art department, and it was simple enough that the Kiddo, the Guy and I were all able to work on it together. I’d recommend painting the sides first, with some masking tape or painter’s tape around the inside edges. Painting the board itself will involve substantially more paint, since the corkboard soaks up a lot of paint. We used three coats of paint on the sides, but you may need as many as four for the corkboard to get it opaque enough.

The Bears’ “C” was made with stencil from an image I found online. The yard line markers on the top, as well as the field goal at bottom were freehand, but you could always decorate with decals instead. The Kiddo’s name is also painted along the bottom, but I have cloned that out for privacy reasons.