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Real Foods on the Road

We just returned from our third road trip of the summer last week–an eight-hour trek to my parents’ home in Pennsylvania. This drive always seems immeasurably shorter than our 11ish-hour trip to Indy  to see the Guy’s side of the family.

Still, eight hours means we needed to plan on lunch and snacks for the road. I try to pack our own lunches for long trips to save money and avoid fast food (we cut that out long before we start eliminating other processed foods). But even packed lunches are a little more challenging now that we’re eliminating processed foods–like deli meat and storebought bread for sandwiches that might have been a “go-to” before. Add in some of the Kiddo’s picky eating quirks (um, he doesn’t like peanut butter–there goes the PB sandwich staple!), and it’s more challenging.

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