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It’s not all about food

There are hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of food blogs out there. This isn’t necessarily one of them.

Although it might seem that way. Right now.

Nearly all of my posts so far have been food/cooking related. When it comes to “finding balance” in my life, food plays a big role. That’s not a bad thing–food is our fuel for living, so what we put into our bodies is important. A lot of the food that’s readily available today, particularly in our fast-paced lifestyles, is pretty poor fuel. At the same time, delicious food can bring a lot of enjoyment–as an indulgence for our senses, through the creative expression of preparing it and through the togetherness of friends and family that it can create during shared meals.

Because food is so essential, complicated, time-consuming, expensive and, yes, even addictive (hello, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups), finding a balance among all these elements is a never-ending endeavor. I love enjoying hearty, satisfying comfort food, but it’s also important to know that I am giving my body what it needs to be healthy, and setting an example of nutrition and moderation for my stepson. So I use creative, low-fat substitutes for my favorite homestyle meals, to balance my cravings with my health needs. The health angle has become increasingly important to me as I see what our eating patterns have to done to the health of those I care about, and even to my own health a few years ago.

So, yes, there have been a lot of posts about food, and there will continue to be plenty more–about how to make it healthier and still tasty, about how to feed your family well without emptying your back account or spending all day in the kitchen, and, sometimes, just about how to, once in awhile, indulge. I also love learning how to take on new challenges in the kitchen, so if I learn to do something new, I’ll probably share it.

But there are other areas of life that call for balance, and I plan to address those too–balance between work and home, family time and “me” time, exercise and a little R&R. Right now I’m looking for ways to balance the Kiddo’s love of all things technology,  particularly Minecraft, with an appreciation for the low-tech, like board games and weekend camping trips.

This blog is a work in progress. The blog itself is a balancing act, since it’s one more commitment of my time and energy to balance among all the others. I have some ideas for ways to expand the focus from just food, and would love to hear your thoughts. One thing I’d like to do is to add some regular, themed features. My first idea is to have a “Friday Favorites” feature, where I’ll share some of my favorite tips, tricks and insights from other bloggers.

If you have topics you’d like to see on here, or just thoughts you’d like to share, please comment below. You don’t even have to register–just play the little “drag the right picture” game so I know you’re a real person and not a spam machine!

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