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Inviting weeds

Have I mentioned that sometimes I’m a little crazy? Because sometimes I am.

Sometimes an idea pops into my head, and it’s an idea that I should just shoo away by telling myself that it’s just too challenging, too time-consuming, too whatever. Sometimes I manage to shoo those ideas away. Sometimes my slightly crazy side just latches on to an idea and decides to go with it.

That’s what’s happening now. As I shared a few posts back, the Guy and I have just recently managed to pull out most of the weeds in our little zen garden of life and find some balance after a total upheaval two years ago. Nevertheless, over the past month, we’ve decided to tackle two big initiatives.

One of them is a logical step, and it’s really mostly on the Guy (I’m just the support system). The other one is just pure crazy.

No. 1 Initiative (aka the Logical Goal) is that the Guy is returning to school to get  his degree. Due to life circumstances, he made it just a semester or two shy of his bachelor’s and never finished, and we finally decided he needed to make the leap and go back. He’s changing majors (long story), so it will probably take him 2 to 2 1/2 years. A big change and a lot of work, but a completely reasonable, feasible goal, right?

No. 2 Initiative (aka the Crazy Idea Goal) is that we are, as a family, going to build our own teardrop camper. Why you ask? Well, for one, we love camping. But sometimes tent camping is a lot of work (especially packing up for a trip). And sometimes tents get cold and wet. And sometimes sleeping on an air mattress in a tent is no fun at all when the mattress decides to not hold air in the middle of the night and you have bad back (um, yeah, last camping trip…). And we live on a tight budget that doesn’t have room for buying a camper.

But building a camper is a different story. It’s not exactly a cheap endeavor, but it’s definitely more affordable than buying one retail. Plus we can do it in bits and pieces, as we can afford to invest in it. We can tap the resources and knowledge we have through our friends, family and co-workers along the way–both in salvaging scrap materials that can be re-used and learning how to do some of the work we don’t have much expertise in. Which is pretty much all of it.

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