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Friday Favorites: Kid Krafts to Fight Winter Doldrums

Friday Favorites is a new weekly feature on MyOvergrownZenGarden, with my favorite finds from across the web.

The balance we’ve looking for with the Kiddo the past few months is between tech time (read: playing Minecraft or watching YouTube tutorials on Minecraft) and non-tech time. He bought the Minecraft game for his Xbox 360 right after his birthday this fall, which fell conveniently at the time when the weather was getting colder and nastier, so there were less options for outdoor activities.

It’s easier to limit his tech time and make sure his brain doesn’t turn to mush by offering some other fun indoor activities that will hold his interest. Among some of our go-to to-dos are board games (chess is the game du jour), reading and Lego construction. I’m trying to add some crafty projects in the mix. For Thanksgiving, we tried these unique fall leaf candle holders, with mixed results–they were harder than they looked and not as pretty as the pictures, but lots of fun.

This weekend, I’m hoping to try one of the following:

Jello playdough. A quick online search finds lots of homemade playdough recipes. This particularly recipe piqued my interest because of the pretty colors and the built-in olfactory bonus.

Cookie Cutter Birdfeeders. It’s getting close enough to spring that the birds are starting to come out, and we have a tree in the backyard that would be perfect for these!

Whichever of these we tackle, updates on the success (or dismal failure) of said adventures are sure to follow!

And now it’s sharing time–what are your favorite winter activities for bored kiddos?


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