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Friday Favorites: Handmade Photo Coasters

Photo coasters

“Friday Favorites” features my favorite great ideas/recipes/etc., from across the giant world wide webs.

Photo coasters

If you recall, “Friday Favorites” features my favorite great ideas/recipes/etc., from across the giant world wide webs. Today’s favorite actually features an idea I found last November, and transformed a bit for my own purposes.

It started out with a search for “homemade Christmas presents,” which of course turned up a lot of things we’ve all seen a million times before, and given to teachers, co-workers, etc., or received ourselves. The results were primarily dominated by multiple versions of “cookie mix in a jar” or “brownie mix in a jar.”

I was, however, looking for something to give the adults in our family for Christmas, since we have all, at this point in our lives, agreed that we’d rather spend our money on the youngest family members. I wanted something meaningful, not something that would be forgotten about the next day, and within my limited crafting skill set. The last part was probably the hardest of the criteria.

The winner was this idea for Christmas coasters, made from tile, Christmas napkins, corkboard and a coating of Mod Podge. BUT, I didn’t really want to make something that could only be used at Christmas, and I was looking for something more personal. So I used the instructional as a jumping off point to make photo coasters. Since I’m a shutterbug, and since there had been two weddings in the family in the past year, I had lots of great photos to choose from. I wasn’t quite sure how the thicker photo paper would work with the Mod Podge compared to the napkins, but I picked up a couple tile squares from Lowe’s and did a test run, with great results!

I ended up making eight sets of these, so it took a bit of time and planning, but it was something I could work on a little at a time in the evenings while relaxing with the Guy watching TV. Both our families loved them, and everyone wanted to know how I’d made them (or where I’d ordered them!). FYI, the link instructions call for 4″x4″ plain white tile. I found slightly smaller and more decorative tiles that were on clearance, and I think the size was more suitable for a coaster, and I liked the look of them better.

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