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Friday Favorites: Birthday Best

“Friday Favorites” features my favorite great ideas/recipes/etc., from across the giant world wide webs.

Today is the last day of the Guy’s 20s. I’d love to celebrate tomorrow by baking an amazing cake, decorated to the hilt with the new cake decorating tools he got me for my birthday last month. Unfortunately, I have a big work event tomorrow, which I’ve been working like mad all week to get ready for, so there’s no time for homemade. 🙁 I am making him a surprise meal on Sunday, but for tomorrow it will be dinner out and store-bought cake.

Even though I can’t do the homemade thing this year, I thought share some really cool cake decorating/cake alternative ideas–and hopefully I’ll get to test one of them out next year.

I’m not very skilled yet with the decorating part, so I’m going for ideas that look great but don’t require much talent. This art cake from Makoodle fits the mark, with icing dripped along the cake edge to look like abstract paint drips. It’s also got a rainbow of cake layers underneath. Jackson Pollock a la birthday cake. The paint drip frosting technique would also be fun on a polka dot cake (in my opinion, a more fanciful version of the old-fashioned poke cake I remember growing up).

In the “birthday cake you can eat with your hands” category are these delicious-looking birthday cake egg rolls from I Wash…You Dry. And if you’ve got a non-cake enthusiast and are looking for an alternative way to celebrate, Skinny Scoop has some tasty cake-inspired options for you.

That’s all for now folks, since I’ve got an early morning tomorrow. Watch for a new Make Your Own feature coming in a couple days.

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