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Easy way to dice an onion

I cook with onion quite a bit. One of my absolute favorite food smells is onion as it carmelizes in the pan. Dicing onions, though, has always been a venture that put my fingertips in a bit of danger, because I used to start by slicing my onions into rings, like so:

slicing an onionSee those fingertips just waiting to be sliced off? I’ve tried using a little onion holder do-kicky to keep my fingers safely away, but it didn’t keep the onion that stable and was kind of a pain. But then I discovered, unless you actually need the rings (say for a burger or sandwich), there’s a much easier way to dice onions that doesn’t endanger my fingers.

First, cut the stems off both ends of the onion, then peel the skin. On a cutting board stand your onion up on one of the flat sides you created when you cut the stems off, and cut down the middle from top to bottom. Put both halves cut side down on your cutting board, with the top of one half butted up to the bottom of the other half.

how to dice an onionNow, cut strips lengthwise across both halves, from top to bottom.

how to dice an onion
Rotate your cutting board 90 degrees and start cutting strips across the grain of the onion. Ta-da! Diced onion, with all your fingers still in tact!

how to dice an onionSide note–it’s best to use a sharp chef’s knife to do this, which is NOT what I have pictured here (my chef’s knife needs a little sharpening, so I went with an alternative).

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