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Smoothie Freezer Packs

My weekdays seem to be a blur of crazed days at work and rushed evenings–cooking and eating supper, followed by dishes. laundry and squeezing in a little QT with the Guy and Kiddo. Summers are, blessedly, a bit slower-paced, since the mad … Continue reading

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Ice, Ice Baby: Making the Most of Your Ice Cube Tray

It’s not just for ice anymore. The simple ice cube tray offers a brilliant way to preserve fresh ingredients for later use. If you’re like me and cooking for just two (three when the Kiddo is here), using up fresh … Continue reading

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The Secret to Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinners with my family when I was growing up was eating countless deviled eggs. My grandma made the best deviled eggs EVER. Seriously. Like there is no competition. I have never had another … Continue reading

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Easy way to dice an onion

I cook with onion quite a bit. One of my absolute favorite food smells is onion as it carmelizes in the pan. Dicing onions, though, has always been a venture that put my fingertips in a bit of danger, because … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites: Cake, Hazelnut and Wedding Memories

“Friday Favorites” features my favorite great ideas/recipes/etc., from across the giant world wide webs. A week from Sunday, the Guy and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary! I truly cannot believe it’s already been almost a year. Our … Continue reading

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Produce Pre-Prep

Yeah, I know. I’m a little alliteration happy. But on to my post… I know I need to include lots of fresh veggies in my diet, but there are some challenges to reaching that goal. One, I try to do … Continue reading

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Bakin’ bacon

If you’re like me and love the salty, fatty, crispy, awesome deliciousness that is bacon, but hate cooking it because of the mess and the ever constant fear that you’ll lose an eyeball to a torpedo of hot grease, you’re … Continue reading

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DIY CoCo Wheats

When we were kids, I loved when my mom would make us CoCo Wheats for breakfast on cold Saturday mornings. It wasn’t something we had frequently, I suspect because the cleanup afterward is rather a chore. But I always loved … Continue reading

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