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Homemade Taco Seasoning

This “make your own” version of taco seasoning takes just a few minutes of mixing and measuring some everyday spices that are probably already in your cupboard. Continue reading

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Balance!!! Where’s my $^@*% balance?!?1?

Yep, there are definitely some weeds growing in the zen garden. Which is why I’ve been negligent about posting. Here’s the quick synopsis: I’ve been working slowly to eliminate as many highly-processed foods from our diet as possible (ya know, … Continue reading

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Hidden Veggie Tacos

Now that we’ve covered how to make your own taco seasoning (better tasting, cheaper and with fewer chemicals than those little store bought packets), I’ve got a veggified recipe that will make taco nights a little healthier for you and … Continue reading

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Make Your Own: Taco Seasoning

This “make your own” is so easy and so much better and cheaper than the store bought version, I can’t believe that I never tried it before–especially after I turned a packet of taco seasoning over to read the ingredient … Continue reading

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Make Your Own: Perfect Cold Brew Iced Coffee

I don’t drink a pot of coffee a day like the Guy does, but I do need a cup of joe to get me started in the morning. And, unlike the Guy who can drink hot coffee all year long, … Continue reading

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Freezer to Crock Pot Meatballs

I love meals I can make ahead and freeze. And I love cooking with my crock pot. So it’s a safe bet that I really, really love meals I can make ahead, freeze and then throw in the crock pot. … Continue reading

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Brunch for a bunch

When the Guy and I tied the knot last March, we want to keep things very simple, and make sure the focus was on celebrating our love with our friends and family. We were also budget-conscious, since we there are … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Baking Mix (Bisquick Substitute)

Until I become a master gardener/farmer or live within a reasonable driving distance of a Whole Foods, it’s doubtful I’ll free my family from processed foods anytime soon. Still, I’m trying to reduce our exposure to all those extra chemical … Continue reading

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Marshmallow Dumplings (aka super easy sticky rolls)

I picked up a couple packages of refrigerated crescent rolls on my last grocery outing, with plans to use them for pizza pockets. But they were out of pepperoni at the store, and I wasn’t motivated enough to make an … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites: Freezer Meals

“Friday Favorites” features my favorite great ideas/recipes/etc., from across the giant world wide webs. Yeah, that’s a lot of Fs. Okay, I admit, I’m a sucker for alliteration. Now on to business. I think we’ve already established that I love … Continue reading

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