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Bakin’ bacon

If you’re like me and love the salty, fatty, crispy, awesome deliciousness that is bacon, but hate cooking it because of the mess and the ever constant fear that you’ll lose an eyeball to a torpedo of hot grease, you’re going to love this. And you may never cook bacon in a skillet again. And, if you’re like me and never knew/thought of cooking bacon in an oven before, you’re also going to wonder how you made it your early 30s (er, did I say 30s? I meant late 20s) without discovering the brilliance that is baking bacon. Plus it’s fun to say.

So how do you turn those delicious strips of pig into crispy delicious strips of pig in your oven? Easy as pork. I mean pie. Either way, it’s easy. Line a cookie sheet with foil for easier clean-up, then lay out your strips of bacon in a single layer, like so…

Baking bacon

If you have an over-sized cookie sheet, you might be able to fit the whole package on one sheet, but you may need two cookie sheets to bake it all at once. Then just pop it in the oven, preheated to 400 degrees, and bake for 20 minutes, turning the strips about halfway through.

Baking bacon
Halfway there…time to turn it!

If you like your bacon extra crispy, leave it in a little longer. If you prefer your bacon like the Kiddo–a little “soggy”– take it out a few minutes early.

Crispy bacon

Ta-da! That’s it! You now have baked bacon!

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