A little bit about me…

After finally “getting it all (almost) figured out” in my early 30s, I went and got married and had to start all over again. Along with the hubby came an awesome stepson, and suddenly my organized, fit-in-a-box life went out the window, and along came beautiful chaos. My zen may look a little messy from the outside, but it’s there. Join me for the ride as I find my balance between the order and chaos.

What does my blog name mean?

The first birthday gift my husband ever gave me, which was long before he was husband and back in the days when were just co-workers and friends, was a small zen garden. I completely don’t remember this gift. It’s been a running joke between the Guy (aka my hubby), the Kiddo (my stepson) and me ever since. Our first Christmas as a couple, he picked up a Dollar Tree zen garden for one of my stocking stuffers, just as a reminder. Even though it’s essentially a small box of sand with a few rocks and a small rake, I can picture even that getting overgrown with the way my life goes.

What is this blog about?

I chose the tagline “finding balance in the chaos of life,” because essentially it’s about balancing the things I want in life–a healthy, happy self and a healthy, happy family–with all the everyday demands of life and the unexpected challenges that roll our way. You’ll find a little bit of everything here, but most of it will be practical “stuff” to make life a little more balanced, and hopefully a little easier.

For example, I love to cook, and the Guy and Kiddo both love to eat what I cook. That’s been a bit of challenge for me healthwise, because when someone is enjoying the food I cook, I keep cooking more of it–and eating more of it. With a history of obesity in my family, I’m cautious about my weight. So one thing you’ll find here are some delicious, trimmed-down recipes or just general tips and tricks for healthier cooking (that won’t keep you in the kitchen all day).

I’m a shutterbug, so I hope I’ll have some beautiful photos to accompany my posts, and I also plan to share some advice for novice photogs. I also have a tiny bit of a handyman/crafty side, so I may share some DIY projects.

So in general, expect to find some practical knowledge that might just make a busy professional/mom/dad/college student’s life a little easier. And if you get lucky, maybe I’ll find some pearls of wisdom to share along the way.

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