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Bakin’ bacon

If you’re like me and love the salty, fatty, crispy, awesome deliciousness that is bacon, but hate cooking it because of the mess and the ever constant fear that you’ll lose an eyeball to a torpedo of hot grease, you’re … Continue reading

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Impromptu Pasta (aka Chicken & Sun-Dried Tomato with Bowties)

I’m the queen of improv. Cooking that is. I would claim comedy as well, but the Guy would probably argue with me. So back to cooking. I’m always finding a way to “make things work” when I have a recipe … Continue reading

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Two-Minute Magic Bean Dip

In honor of the football playoff season, I thought I’d post this quick and easy but delightfully addictive recipe. Warning: this dip is crazy hard to put down, so you if sit down to watch a game, you might realize … Continue reading

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What’s this all about?

This blog, that is. If you read my About page, you’ll see it’s about finding balance, even when balance is a little messy, and hard to juggle amid work, home, family, health… and the list goes on. But what does … Continue reading